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CAD Design

Our CAD Design Approach Helps you Avoid Unpleasant Surprises Down the Road


Are you sick and tired of broken promise after broken promise when dealing with the aftermarket industry CAD Design? Are frustrations with your current design / development source causing you to loose sleep at night? Are you finding that lack of experience and basic business ethics causing you problems down the road when it comes to design and development?

All to often even the simplest problem such as follow up or people simple doing what they say they will do causes nothing but frustration and wasted money, eating away at your profit.

Stop the pain! …… I invite you to do something different for CAD Design and development of your product line. The GMR solution.

CAD Design

From full group up custom chassis designs to simple products GMR can tackle your project with the expertiese to match. Not only a professional well versed in the art of CAD (CATIA) but one of the industries top fabricators with a best selling book on welding available on to back it up.



With 12+ years of experience including over a decade of professional hands on fabrication building everything from Trophy Trucks to high end Muscle Car products GMR will bring your idea to life. Not only do we know how to design it, but also how to prep, assemble, and weld it for maximum results. Creating efficiency that directly adds to dollars in your pocket.


Unfortunately the custom automotive industry is plagued with designers / builders who deliver broken promises more then timely service, we here at GMR do not subscribe to that business process. We respond in a timely manor, and more importantly we are 100% up front with what is realistic in regards to timelines, keeping you on track with production.

What GMR Clients Are Saying…CAD Design

“Jason has made the design process as painless as possible. His knowledge of function, mixed with design experience, are hands down the best in the industry “

Collin J.

Owner , Elite Metal Services

“I’ve used multiple designers over the years with nothing but broken promises and nothing to show for it. I am so happy I used Jason to help me finish the rest of the design of my Mustang. “

Chris Allen

“He is very professional and always delivers on his timeline. If you are thinking about building an off-road truck or anything really, don’t hesitate to contact Jason. “

Shaun - Chevy Colorado

“I was really impressed from the knowledge Jason have on TT. All the process was very professional – manufacture files – assembly planes – welding process. Everything went easy and “drop” into his place I recommended my guys here in ISRAEL”

Dan Gur Furman

Lower TT arm for Israeli Client

Sway bar integrated Lower Trophy Truck Arm for Israeli fabricated truck.

Ross King of KING Shocks Rear Suspension

Rear Suspension for Ross King (Owner of King Shocks) with custom “clevis” style trailing arms.

Full Trophy Truck Design (Israel)

GMR Design for Complete Trophy Truck Fabricated and Built in Israel

Custom Tube Chassis Classic Mustang Front End

This was an unfinished design from a previous fabricator where GMR finished it for the client and reworked the issues so that it could be built.

Ross King of KING Shocks Arm

Upper J-Arm for Ross King (Owner of King Shocks) with slapper bump stop arm for his new Luxury Pre-runner Chevy Blazer.

Silverado Lift Upright with Steering

Fabricated Lift Upright with Heim steering that reduces the bump-steer to almost zero for Elite Metal Services out of Bakersfield

Metric 80mm Trophy Truck Hub Setup

Custom 80mm Trophy Truck Rear Full Floater Hub Assembly for Israeli TT build.

Lower Arm for Dan Gur Furman

Detail shot of the lower arm on Dan Gur Furman TT with coil-over / bypass and limit strap mounts.

Front Suspension for Trophy Truck

One off Front end for a TT with Integrated front Bump stop slapper arm.

Ross KING of King Shocks Lower Arm

Final product of Ross King’s (Owner of King Shocks) Lower arm for his Luxury Pre-runner.

Ross KING of King Shocks Rear Lower Arms

Complete and welded custom “clevis” style lower arms for Ross Kings (Owner of King Shocks).

Rear Shot of the GMR built Trophy Truck

Gold is the color of choice for Andy Rodman, owner and driver of the 6187 GMR built Spec Trophy Truck.

GMR 3|| Dual Chamber Mufflers

Fabricated 3″ Dual Chamber Mufflers for trucks with center in/out 3″ exhaust.

Rear End Housing Welding

Close up shot of welding on fabricated 9″ rear end housing.

Hummer H1 Lower Arm

Class 8 Hummer Race Truck Lower Arm for Rob Everhart of Psycho Squad Racing

4 seat Silverado Pre-Runner

Interior Shot of Custom Silverado 4 Steat Pre-Runner

GMR built F-100 Pre-Runner

Traditional Style GMR built Pre-Runner F-100 with many GMR designed components.

Upper J-Arm for S-10 Pre-Runner

S-10 Pre-Runner Upper arm for tube chassis build.

Frequently Asked Questions about CAD Design

How much does "X" design cost?

Well it actually will not cost you anything…. because the service GMR performs is actually an Investment that will aid you in furthering your business and product line. Depending the project you need accomplished the investment will vary, this is R&D after all and predicting exact investment is hard to do when something has yet to be created. Please email GMR below for any inquiries or questions.

How long does it take to design "X" ?

Just like everything in the custom aftermarket world this is not exactly a perfect science and time is very difficult to estimate. However we have through my years of experience been able to make and keep realistic deadlines, the key is that they are realistic. We are very upfront with you about deadlines and time frames, GMR only takes on 2-3 projects at a time to ensure that everyone is happy and deadlines set are met. This also ensures that when we take on a project we are actually working on it, unlike the industry standard of taking deposits then letting projects sit for months…

What can I expect from GMR in regards to computer Files?

GMR strictly uses CATIA for all CAD work but the outcome with files is the same with every program. We can work closely with your Laser / Water Cutting company or Machinist to ensure that all files transfer over properly. We can provide files in Solidworks, STP, IGES, DXF, and CATIA formats. Typically for all laser cut plate parts we section all the material and items into Cut-lists that combine Excel spreadsheets with matching folders of the DXF files.

Can things be changed / revised through the process or after?

Yes, you can add changes and revisions at any time through the process. Just keep in mind that the changes and revisions can add large chunks of time which will add to the investment total of the project. We can makes adjustments while in the middle of the design phase and even years after, it all depends on what you want to do.

Can I purchase designs you already have?

Unfortunately most designs I can not sell, they belong to the companies / individuals that contract GMR to create them. Sometimes GMR has our own designs that we can sell, only if they have not been previously sold to anyone else. It would be unethical to sell designs that were created for another party.

Please let us know if you have any questions about CAD Design

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